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Residents ask for finish IPDN after fatal beating

– July 24, 2007

Yuli Tri Suwarni, The Jakarta Post, Sumedang

At least 100 people living near the state-run Public Administration Institute (IPDN) in Jatinangor in Sumedang, West Java, staged a rally in front of the institute’s campus Monday, demanding that the school be shut down.

The protest came after a resident named Wendi Budiman, 21, was beaten to death by a group of people believed to be students of the school.

Residents said they felt IPDN’s presence tarnished their area’s education zoning due to a series of fatal incidents at the school.

“We don’t want our home to be dishonored by the IPDN. Now even the newcomers to the institute dare to beat their hosts to death, not protect them. The institute claims to be the campus of chosen intellectual students… but they are all killers,” said Ade, who helped coordinate the rally.

The rally took place an hour after the burial of Wendi at Cikeruh cemetery in Janinangor, about two kilometers from the campus. An large number of people, including motorcycle taxi drivers who were also Wendi’s colleagues, joined the rally.

They attempted to enter the campus compound to meet with IPDN rector Johanis Kaloh, but were prevented by hundreds of police officers in front the campus gate.

“Shut down! Shut down! Shut down!” was the main rallying cry of the protesters. Inside the campus, hundreds of uniformed students watched the protest.

Ete Ridwan, a member of the Jatinangor village representatives’ agency, urged the institute to expel the students involved in Wendi’s death.

He also asked the police to take sides in investigating the case.

“Don’t be tricky. How could students who should be examples turn out to be killers?” Ete asked.

Wendi was rushed to Sumedang General Hospital on Saturday evening after he was involved in a fight at Jatinangor Town Square, about one kilometer from the IPDN campus.

It is believe that the fight started after he accidently singed an IPDN student’s clothes with his cigarette while standing in a lift.

“The man took the cigarette, which made Wendi angry. The man was also angry, and attacked Wendi with his friends,” said Ibo Rohman, 51, Wendi’s father.

When Wendi left the lift, a group of IPDN students are alleged to have mobbed him, smacked his head into a wall and kicked him in the stomach.

Sumedang Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Budi Setiawan said that 13 IPDN students, including two female students, had been interrogated over the incident.

Only five had admitted to hitting Wendi, namely Charles Sirait, Dedi Ariesta, Piter Rahmawan, Wan Hendri and Mapa Eka Putra.

“We’re still investigating the case and have not named any suspects,” Budi said.


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