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President to skip inauguration of IPDN’s graduates

– July 26, 2007

Yuli Tri Suwarni, The Jakarta Post, Sumedang

For the first time since the establishment of the Public Administration Institute (IPDN) in 1992, neither the school’s president nor its vice president are expected to show for the inauguration of new graduates on August 4, IPDN rector Johanis Kaloh said Wednesday.

A reluctance to attend the inauguration ceremony, Kaloh said, was due to the recent deaths of a number of IPDN students after more ferocious clashes.

“The president’s failure to attend the ceremony has been confirmed so … inauguration will be conducted by the Minister of Home Affairs,” Kaloh said.

“This is the decision by the ministry and is not because the president is unwilling to go.”

He said the ministry would use the absence of the president at the ceremony to review current efforts to curb violence at the school.

“IPDN accepts such a decision and we will not demand anything,” Kaloh said.

Sumedang police have in the meantime named eight of IPDN’s students suspected in the school’s last fatal incident.

The attack Saturday night involved Wendi Budiman, 21, a resident living near the campus and was allegedly over a trivial misunderstanding.

Preliminary investigations showed Wendi was beaten to death by the IPDN students who were angry their female colleagues were being teased by the victim in a Jatinangor mall.

Local residents continued staging protests, demanding the dissolution of the campus, which prepares the country’s bureaucrats.

Protest actions discouraged nearly 3,000 IPDN students from stepping outside their campus for fear of retaliation by the angry residents.

The incident has captured the public’s attention once again and follows the death of IPDN student Cliff Muntu after he was brutally beaten by his older classmates.

Seven students were discharged in connection with Cliff’s death, while a number of others were being tried at the Sumedang District Court.

Three other suspects, including lecturer Lexie M. Giroth, were being tried at the Bandung District Court.


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