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Nine IPDN Students Become Suspects

The Case of Wendi’s Death:

Nine IPDN Students Become Suspects
Tuesday, 24 July, 2007 | 00:33 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Rector of the Home Affairs Administration Institute (IPDN), Johanis Kaloh, acknowledged that his students mobbed Wendi Budiman, a resident of Cikeruh Village, Jatinangor District, Sumedang and caused his death.

“The perpetrators were nine students. All of them were in the fourth grade,” said Adjunct Chief Commissioner Budi Setiawan, Sumedang Regional Police Chief,West Java, yesterday (23/7).

According to Budi, the turmoil started at the lift at Jatinangor Town Square (JTS), Sumedang. That night, Saturday (21/7), Wendi with his four friends wanted to play billiard in Pool Time, on the second floor of JTS. Inside the lift, the cigarette in the victim’s mouth burned the nape of the neck of Gondo Widodo, a student who had been attending the Master’s program at IPDN.

Gondo was emotional. The other three students who accompanied Gondo, Megawati, Hasdono and Andi Irmayanti, also became emotional. When the lift door opened, Megawati ran and shouted for help. Several students who were playing billiards helped the seniors. Wendi was bullied. The mall security officers separated them .

“Unconscious, my son was brought home by his friends,” said Ibo Rohman, Wendi’s father.

The victim was brought to Sumedang General Hospital. On the following day, the 22 year old boy died. There was a cerebral hemorrhage and cracked skull. From the autopsy, it was found that he died of the assault.

The incident triggered Cikeruh villagers’ fury.

Yesterday, after burying Wendi’s body in Gajah Cemetery, they conducted a rally at the gate of IPDN. Several police officers guarded the campus gate. The villagers were yelling IPDN must be disbanded.

IPDN Rector Assistant III. Indarto, met the residents.

“We apologize for this incident,” he said to the residents. Regarding disbanding IPDN, he said he was not authorized to decide that.

To the Head of Home Affairs Department’s Information Center, Saut Situmorang, Kaloh acknowledged the students beat Wendi to death.

The IPDN Rector, he said, has not yet confirmed on what basis will the sanction be given to the nine students. Saut guaranteed that the Home Affairs Department supported the legal process carried out by the police. “”We’re consistent. If they’re found guilty, the nine students are subject to dismissal,” said Saut.



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